Dear Megumi,
Today I received two beautiful kakejiku in the mail. The colors are perfect and the art is wonderfully done. Now my house feels more like home. I could not be happier and I will treasure them.
Thanks always,


Ms Megumi Ono,

Hope you are well. As I write this I am very happy since the custom lettering Samurai & Shogun Bushido Kakejiku scroll a present for my granfather was delivered today in time for his 90th birthday. The special memory I wanted him to remember is now possible through you.



Dear Megumi,
I just came back from the office where I picked up the Noren.
It is really beautiful! Even more beautiful than I expected, and already it
had looked very beautiful on the picture. The colours are wonderful and
it is so well crafted. I will use it in my osteopathy office and it is
just perfect for it.
Thank you very much!

I am very happy with this beautiful artistic product.

I wish you a lot of success with your business. I am very glad that you are doing what you do and I will recommend you to my friends :-)

Best regards,


Hi Megumi Ono,

The horsehair noren arrived today!!! It is a perfect match of the first I ordered and it is so beautiful!

Thank you so much for your excellent quality and service.



Konnichiwa Megumi-san,

Hello, bonjour !
This is a peace of Art -
My Noren was delivered this morrning.
It's so beautiful so tender, I'm very HAPPY.

ARIGATO dear Megumi-san
Soredawa mata.

And please let's keep contact
you are a marvelous person.


Dear Ms Ono,
Many thanks! I love my first noren. It fits the space very well and now I have found the opportunity to buy another one. I am also curious about the.. https://samurainippon.jp/tapestry-half-en-circle-flower-arabesque-pattern-navy-blue.html but I have to think on that one ;)

By the way, I see you are located in Ebisu, I used to live in that area many years ago when I lived in Japan and enjoyed it very much.

Kind regards and thank you again,


Dear Megu-san,
The Noren arrived very quickly, carefully packed and in nice condition. The art is beautiful, just as pictured.


Thank you, Megumi-san,
for the two noren. I received them today - they are simpler than I expected - but very beautiful. 又買ます.


Dear Megumi,
I received the tapestries today and I am very happy. The colors are beautiful and they will become a center piece in our home. Thank you!
Best, Misato


Hello Megumi,
Today I picked up the parcel from the post office containing the Moon Stories Tapestry and the Shigarai vase. The tapestry is very beautiful! I am also happy that I bought the vase. Thank you.
Much appreciate,


Dear Megumi Ono,
I wanted to send you a note of gratitude. I received the Norens in time to present as a gift to the special person I wrote to you about. She thought they were quite beautiful and continues to tell me so many days past me giving them to her. She has told me that she will be hanging them in a very prominent place in her home so that she can look at them daily. Thank you very much in getting these to me in a very timely manner.
Best regards,