Wadaiko Dram Music, Taiko Drammer

(和太鼓) Wadaiko, Japanese Taiko

Taiko means “drum” in Japanese. Japanese taiko drums have been developed into a wide range of percussion instruments that are used in both Japanese folk and classical musical traditions.

KODO Wadaiko Japanese Taiko Drammers



Taiko, in general, are stick percussion instruments. With the exception of the kotsuzumi and ootsuzumi, all taiko are struck with bachi. They have heads on both sides of the drum body, and a sealed resonating cavity. Taiko are also characterized by a high amount of tension on the drums heads, with a correspondingly high pitch relative to body size. This high tension likely developed in response to Japan’s wet and humid summers when most festivals take place. Many taiko are not tunable, and a drum with high head tension would counteract the slacking effects of humidity.

Nodaiko Shobu, Wadaiko Drammer Group


Matsumuragumi Solo Oodaiko


Nobushi Wadaiko


Wadaiko Yamato, Drammers of Japan


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