Karakuri Doll Ningyo, Wind-Up , Automata, Wooden Robot,

Karakuri Dolls ( Karakuri Ningyo ) are mechanized puppets or automata from Japan from the 17th century to 19th century. The word karakuri means “mechanisms” or “trick”.At first, Karakuri Dolls ( Karakuri Ningyo ) were made as toys mostly for the upper class. They gradually became a popular attraction at amusement parks and widely seen in all over Japan.

Karakuri Dolls ( Karakuri Ningyo ) are traditional Japanese precision machines considered to be the foundation for today’s industrial robots.

Karakuri and robots
How ancient mechanical doll carries on its tradition in modern Japanese innovations.


Karakuri Dolls Museum



Wooden Robot in the 19th century (Karakuri Ningyo)
This doll shows you how to write a Kanji character


Yumihiki karakuri doll


Yumihiki karakuri doll


It is a Tea-serving Karakuri Doll ( Ningyo ) , which starts moving forward when a cup of tea is placed on the plate in its hands. Tea-serving Karakuri Doll ( Ningyo ) was used in a situation when a host wanted to treat a guest in a recreational way at a tea ceremony. Tea-serving Karakuri Doll ( Ningyo ) moves in a straight line for a set distance, moving its feet as if walking, and then bows its head. This signals that the tea is for drinking, and the doll stops when the cup is removed. When it is replaced, Tea-serving Karakuri Doll ( Ningyo ) raises its head, turns around and returns to where it came from. It is typically powered by a wound spring made of whalebone, and the actions are controlled by a set of cams and levers.



Magic Karakuri Doll. Shinatama Ningyo.She is playing Magic.
The movement is made by a spring inside. Every time the Karakuri Doll opens the magic box, different items appear inside.


Japanese mechanical doll (Automata)


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The Way of the Samurai

The Way of the Samurai (55:18)

The Will of the Shogun (55:17)

The Return of The Barbarians (55:17)

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Karate Uechi Ryu Training

Uechi-ryu (上地流, Uechi-ryū?) is a traditional style of Okinawan karate.

He said…
Seeking Perfection is hidden way of Karate.

Karate can be practiced as an art (budō), as a sport, as a combat sport, or as self defense training. Traditional karate places emphasis on self development (budō).Modern Japanese style training emphasizes the psychological elements incorporated into a proper kokoro (attitude) such as perseverance, fearlessness, virtue, and leadership skills. Sport karate places emphasis on exercise and competition.

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Krate Master of Okinawa Japan

The Karate master’s action is Super Smooth and Sharp.
Majestic work out.
Must See

The Karate master’s name is Mr.Katsuhiko Shinzato ranked 7th dan of Okinawa Shorinryu karate.This is “Naihanchi” the basic style “kata” of shorinryu karate.

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